Safi Protocol Overview

A short overview of Safi's key mechanics

Welcome to the Safi Protocol documentation. This guide provides an overview of the Safi Protocol, a decentralized lending platform designed to finance renewable energy assets such as solar power systems. The platform connects investors with borrowers, streamlining the financing process and making clean energy more accessible to communities around the world.


The Safi Protocol aims to create a sustainable future powered by clean, renewable energy. Its mission is to establish a platform that supports the growth and development of solar and other renewable energy assets by providing accessible, affordable, and efficient financing options. Safi Protocol connects investors with renewable energy projects that not only generate attractive returns but also contribute to a cleaner environment and a better world.

There is a $1 trillion gap in the financing of renewable energy assets in emerging markets

We make investing in renewable energy easy and safe

We connect global liquidity with qualified real-world clean energy projects by tokenizing renewable energy assets which can be monitored in real-time through our Due Diligence & Asset Management platform.

How our platform works

We have simplified the process for the individual users into a simple 2 stage process for each party, a request for finance from the borrowers is received by the backers who then assess and take on project risk of developing the project. Once the backer is satisfied through our DD platform, the project is submitted for liquidity provision. The user then pays back over the chosen time frame which earns a yield for the investors. Projects are pooled to reduce default risk and loss rate.

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